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Mail Attach CRM

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You work hard enough, so you want to save time with everyday mundane tasks.

The app we have for you today will save you time from saving your email attachments into a folder. Not only that, it will also organize it and you can save the file into your cloud drive. Our app will autorun this for you every time, so you don’t have to worry.

What is more important, you never have to spend hours looking for the attachment sent to you from your friend or client a few months ago or even a few years back. Your email attachments are safely saved and organized for you, in your cloud drive and you can access this from anywhere. We call this app Mailattach CRM

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Main Features

  • Create Automatic Cloud Folders
  • Save All kind of Attachment formats (PDF,JPG,PNG,DOC,PPTX,XSL and etc)
  • Autorun your mailbox and syncing 24 hrs
  • Support Many Cloud Drives
  • Save Attachments with date and time