Global Business Solution


Global Business Solution


Businesses often need to present their business plans to external parties -banks, private investors, government agencies, suppliers, insurers, franchisers, etc. These potential external stakeholders are not familiar with the business and need to assess its concept, operating model, structure and performance to ensure that they will be dealing with a stable business that would run for a long-term success.

A well-structured and written corporate business plan is equally important for internal purposes. Regularly reviewed and updated, corporate business plans help business owners and managers establish an ongoing strategic business planning process, achieve the desired business position and significantly reduce the risks of failure.

Corporate business plan writing exercise can, however, be a time-consuming and complex task. Professional Business Plans can help – in less than a week you will receive a professionally written document formulating your business concept and strategy, operating model and structure, and supported by the current performance analysis (if required), Market Research, a Financial Plan or a Corporate Budget Pack (if ordered).

Our professional corporate business plan writers hold extensive expertise in developing sound business plans for existing businesses, including:

  • Bank-Ready Business Plans – designed to raise finance with banks and other financial institutions;
  • Investor-Ready Business Plans – designed to raise finance with private investors;
  • Home Warranty Insurance Business Plans – for construction businesses;
  • Immigration Visa Business Plans;
  • Government Grant Business Plans;
  • Franchise Business Plans;
  • Lease Application Business Plans;
  • Supplier Agreement Business Plans; and

Operational Business Plans documenting functional level strategies and establishing activities, measures and budgets for operating divisions within an organisation.


Benefits of a professionally written Corporate Business Plan:

  • Provides you with an independent detailed professional review of your business
  • Provides you with a professionally written, researched and well-presented business plan document
  • Ensures the content and format is suited for your purposes, be it a business loan application, supplier agreement or for yourself
  • Provides additional information you did not have – we can fill in the gaps based on industry averages and our experience
  • Defines the outcomes that the business is seeking to achieve
  • Defines the levels of effort and time frames to be involved
  • Saves you time researching, gathering, documenting and formatting information


What is included in a Business Plan?

30-50 pages detailing:

  • ​Executive summary
  • The Applicant’s Profile
  • Information About The Company
  • Industry Analysis
  • Company’s Swot Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Our Market & Marketing
  • Our Human Resource
  • Milestone and Establishment Plan
  • Conclusion